Fumble After Dark 2011

I går hölls Fumble After Dark 2011! Det blev ett MEGA-event även i år. 755 deltagare! Och jag kunde inte vara med! Men nu efterlyser jag bilder och kommentarer från händelsen – var du där? Mejla mig!

Bäst på att summera detta tror jag McB, en av arrangörerna, är. Därför kör jag en fräckis och återpublicerar hans ”atteneded”-logg. Den är på engelska men får mig att dregla över nästa års händelse redan nu:

Seven hundred and fifty five persons. Seven hundred and fifty five persons. That is, to be honest, completely insane.

Last year, when we first achieved MEGA status, I thought that roughly five hundred would be the limit. After all, how many more crazy people can we lure into the woods in the middle of the night? Well, apparently seven hundred and fifty five persons.

The planning of this event started just a few days after last year’s event. We thought that we would learn from our mistakes and start as early as possible. However, as is often the case in most projects, 10% of the work is done on 90% of the time and the remaining 90% of the work is done on the remaining 10% of the time. The last few weeks has not been hectic, they have been chaotic. So when we opened the doors yesterday morning and everything just seemed to work, I was so relieved. Everybody was happy, the weather was beautiful (the warmest FAD so far) and the number of attendees soon rose over 500 which meant the MEGA status was secured in reality as well. After talking to a number of people I know that the lecturers were appreciated and we believe we had a good mixture of topics.

Come night fall and we moved to another location which also went rather smooth. We had already duplicated much of the necessary infrastructure, but some of the equipment would have to be moved nevertheless. It all worked out though, and we were only 15 minutes late when the doors opened and the night caching started.

We are very sorry for the issues that many people had with their smartphones. I suppose we were not prepared for the massive amount of geocachers using only their phones or tablets, so the solution we had prepared was not suffice. I do however know that some of you succeeded in using the provided GPX file as it was meant, and I would appreciate if you could let us know how you managed. It could come in handy for future reference.

Thank you very much for this year. Fumble After Dark 2012 is already in the planning, and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. A huge thank you goes out to all our sponsors, Bryan and Colin from Groundspeak, all our lecturers, the whole of FAD crew, all those who helped out in one way or another and last but not least all you wonderful participants who once again showed me why I do this year after year. Thank you! See you next year!


Om Johan Dahlberg

Former journalist, avid traveler and hobby photographer. I run a podcast — The TLI Podcast, check it out on Itunes — and write on "The Longform Interviewer", www.thelongforminterviewer.com.
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