Project Geocaching Sunny Beach

Project Geocaching (link in Swedish) is an initiative with the purpose of increasing density and quality of caches in areas with no or very few caches. Sunny Beach is a part of this project as of July 9, 2011. It is also the first non-swedish location to be part of the project.

Sunny Beach has been completely empty of caches. Nessebar a few kilometers to the south, the nearest large city of Bourgas as well as the mountains to the north are all housing a few caches. But the tourist paradise of Sunny Beach has been empty, until now.

Places that have received caches or are potential locations for caches in the future, as a result of Project Geocaching:

You can help make Sunny Beach a place for cachers. Suggest more locations by leaving a comment below, or place your own cache.

If you don’t usually geocache in Sunny Beach, consider adopting Project Geocaching in an area near you!


2 kommentarer till Project Geocaching Sunny Beach

  1. Matobo skriver:

    Hi, I am going to Sunny Beach in 2 days, I have found 700 caches and placed 11 geocaches. I am planning to place one cache in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Do you think rewiever will accept cache 1000km from home location

  2. Jozii skriver:

    Hi! Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that it will get approved. I had problems getting the Royal Beach Mall approved for the very same reason – I had forgotten to change my home coordinates in my profile, as I now live in Bulgaria, and at first the reviewer said no to publishing the cache since it was so far away.

    But welcome to Sunny beach 😀 Send me an e-mail when you’re here, and we can meet up!


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